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9 Easy Ponytail Hairstyles for Every Hair Type

Ponytails are a versatile go-to hairstyle, akin to the classic little black dress in the world of beauty. Whether you’re rushing to the gym, getting ready for a glamorous night out, or preparing for a career-defining promotion talk, there’s a ponytail style suitable for every occasion. The beauty of ponytails lies in their simplicity. You don’t need to complicate them. A wide array of easy ponytail hairstyles, ranging from braided ponytails to chic high ponytails, can elevate your look to red-carpet-worthy status, all without requiring a professional stylist’s assistance. To spark your creativity, we’ve gathered some effortless hairstyle ideas from hairstylists that can transform your ponytails from ordinary to stunning.

Explore a plethora of charming ponytail hairstyles, each suitable for various occasions, whether it’s a day at the office, a fun night out with friends, or a romantic date with your significant other. Dive into our curated selection of nine effortlessly chic ponytail hairstyles that cater to different hair lengths.

Three Easy Steps to Learn How to Do Perfect Ponytail Hairstyles 

Determine Your Desired Look

Although the ponytail is a straightforward hairstyle, it offers various styles. Before you begin styling, decide on the specific ponytail look you wish to achieve. This will enable you to use the appropriate tools and techniques to perfect your chosen style.

Create Extra Volume with a Stacked Ponytail Updo

Ponytail hairstyles can sometimes lack volume. To achieve a fuller and longer ponytail, consider stacking one ponytail on top of another. Below, you’ll find a video tutorial demonstrating how to create this effortless and voluminous ponytail updo.

Secure Your Style with Hair Products

For a long-lasting and secure ponytail, it’s essential to use a quality hair-holding hairspray. Big Sexy Hair Spray and Play Volumizing Hairspray are among the top choices to maintain the integrity of your perfect ponytail throughout the day or night.

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Easy Ponytail Hairstyles 

The classic ponytail is a timeless hairstyle that never loses its charm. What makes it truly remarkable is its remarkable versatility. Regardless of your hair length or texture, you can effortlessly sport the ponytail look. 

Plus, you have the option to enhance your style with fun accessories, taking your overall look to the next level.

01. High ponytail

High ponytail

When aiming for a chic high ponytail, follow these steps for a polished finish. Start by tilting your head slightly upward, gazing towards the ceiling. Position the ponytail holder at the apex of your crown, aligning it with the center axis of your head. Ensure that you create a smooth and tightly secured ponytail.

Once the elastic band is in place, gently lift your head back to its normal position. This adjustment effectively eliminates any sagging or looseness at the nape of your neck, as advised by Dueñas, a hairstyling expert.

For optimal results, it’s advisable to prepare your hair beforehand with a blowout technique. This involves blow-drying your hair while gently flicking the ends outward to create a sleek and refined appearance. Additionally, use a light-hold mousse and leave-in conditioner to achieve the desired level of smoothness and manageability for your high ponytail hairstyle. These products will contribute to a flawless, polished look that lasts.

02. Braided Ponytail Hairstyles

Braided Ponytail Hairstyles

Discover a go-to hairstyle that combines simplicity and elegance: the easy braided ponytail. This versatile look is perfect for everyday wear and can be effortlessly created within minutes. To achieve this stylish appearance, you’ll require a teasing brush, small hair ties, and Fructis hairspray to ensure it stays in place.

The process involves creating a Dutch braid integrated into a ponytail, and we’ll guide you through each step. First, use the teasing brush to add volume and texture to your hair, ensuring a fuller look. Then, gather the necessary sections of your hair and secure them with small hair ties.

Now, let’s dive into the braid itself. Begin by weaving a Dutch braid, carefully incorporating it into the ponytail as you go along. For the finishing touch, lock your style in place with a spritz of Fructis hairspray. 

03. Half Up, Half Down Ponytail

This classic hairstyle not only keeps your hair away from your face but also allows you to flaunt its length, color, and style, whether it’s beautifully curled, elegantly ironed, or flawlessly straightened. It’s an ideal choice for spending a leisurely day or afternoon outdoors, though not necessarily suitable for intense workouts or physical activities.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to achieving this timeless look:

  • Begin with freshly washed and dried hair. For added texture and dimension, consider curling or straightening your hair before proceeding.
  • To establish the starting point for your ponytail, use a comb or comb pick. Start at the top corner of one ear and draw a neat line across your scalp, extending it towards the opposite ear.
  • Gather the portion of hair located above the drawn line and carefully brush through it to ensure a smooth and even appearance.
  • Now, bring this upper section of hair back and secure it into a ponytail. Depending on the amount of hair you’re working with, you can use small hair ties or mini bands to fasten it securely. For those seeking a more advanced variation, consider the inverted ponytail technique mentioned earlier for the lower portion of the hair.

This classic hairstyle not only provides practicality but also accentuates your hair’s beauty and versatility, making it a popular choice for outdoor occasions when you want to look your best.

04. Bubble Half-Ponytail

Bubble Half-Ponytail

Elevate the traditional half-up ponytail with a stylish twist that’s sure to turn heads. This upgraded version incorporates clear elastics to achieve a trendy “bubble effect,” and the final touch involves securing each bubble with a charming barrette.

Here’s how to achieve this chic half-up ponytail:

  1. Begin by styling your hair as desired, whether it’s straight, wavy, or curled.
  1. Section off the top portion of your hair, typically from the temples to the crown of your head. This will form the basis of your half-up ponytail.
  1. Using clear elastics, create distinct “bubbles” within the half-up section. To do this, simply tie clear elastics at intervals along the length of the gathered hair. This will result in a visually appealing, bubbled effect that adds a touch of uniqueness to your hairstyle.
  1. To add a playful and fashionable flair, cinch each bubble with a fun and decorative barrette. Choose barrettes that match your style and personality, as they will serve as eye-catching accents in your hair.

By following these steps, you can transform a basic half-up ponytail into a trendy and personalized hairstyle that’s perfect for various occasions, whether it’s a casual day out or a special event.

05. Ponytail with Bangs

Ponytail with Bangs

If you admire the stylish allure of bangs but aren’t ready to commit to a haircut, consider trying out the side bang ponytail look. This video tutorial will guide you through the process, and all you’ll need are some bobby pins and elastics to achieve this chic hairstyle.

Here’s a breakdown of how to create the side bang ponytail look:

  • Start with your hair: Begin with your hair styled as you normally would, whether it’s straight, wavy, or curly.
  • Create the side bangs: Use bobby pins to section off a portion of your hair at the front to mimic the appearance of bangs. This allows you to experiment with the look without actually cutting your hair.
  • Form the ponytail: Gather the rest of your hair into a ponytail, securing it with an elastic band. Make sure to position the ponytail at your desired height and tightness.
  • Add dimension: To enhance the overall style, use a flat iron to go over the ponytail. This step helps to create a polished and sleek appearance.

By following these steps, you can enjoy the appearance of side bangs without making a permanent commitment. It’s a versatile and attractive hairstyle that you can easily recreate, giving your hair a fresh and fashionable look.

06. Twisted ponytail

Twisted ponytail

Achieving the captivating twisted ponytail look is simpler than it appears. Here’s a step-by-step guide to mastering this elegant twist on a classic hairstyle:

  • Create a Mid-Height Ponytail: Begin by gathering your hair at a medium height on the back of your head. Secure it with an elastic band to form a basic ponytail.
  • Divide into Two Sections: Split the ponytail into two equal sections. This division is essential for the twisting technique.
  • Start Twisting: Take one of the two sections and begin twisting it tightly. The tighter the twist, the more defined the final look will be.
  • Wrap Around the Other Section: Once you’ve achieved a well-twisted section, carefully wrap it around the other section of the ponytail. Keep wrapping until you reach the end of the twisted section.
  • Secure the Twist: To ensure that the twist stays in place and maintains its elegant appearance, secure it with bobby pins or another elastic band. Conceal the pins or bands within the hair to maintain a clean and polished finish.

This twist on the classic ponytail offers a sophisticated and unique style that’s perfect for various occasions, from casual outings to more formal events. Experiment with different levels of tightness in your twist to customize the look to your liking.

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07. The Pull-Through Braid Ponytail

The Pull-Through Braid Ponytail

The pull-through braid is a sophisticated and eye-catching hairstyle that takes the conventional braid to new heights. It’s become a favorite among influencers and trendsetters in the world of lifestyle and beauty. However, don’t be intimidated by its intricate appearance; with the guidance provided here, beginners can confidently recreate this unique braided ponytail.

Simplified Steps for Success

  • Preparation: Start with clean, dry hair as your canvas. Make sure your hair is free of knots and ready to be styled.
  • Create Ponytails: Begin by dividing your hair into multiple small sections, forming ponytails with each section. The number of ponytails you create depends on the desired thickness and length of your pull-through braid. Use a hair clip to hold each ponytail in place.
  • Loop and Secure: Take the first ponytail and divide it into two equal sections. Pass the second ponytail through the first, creating a loop. Use a hair clip to hold each ponytail in place.
  • Repeat the Process: Continue this loop and secure the process with each subsequent ponytail. This action will form a distinctive pull-through braid pattern.
  • Final Touch: Once you’ve worked your way down to the end of your hair, you can choose to leave the braid as is or gently tug on the loops to create a fuller and more voluminous appearance.

By following these straightforward steps, you can confidently and stylishly execute the pull-through braid, regardless of your experience level. This intricate hairstyle is sure to turn heads and make a statement at various events and gatherings.

08. Fish Tail Braid Ponytail

One of the standout features of the fishtail braid is its ability to showcase the layers within your hair. Unlike the traditional braid, which tends to merge the hair together, the fishtail braid accentuates the individual strands, providing a more intricate and detailed appearance.

Moreover, this braid is particularly stunning for individuals who have dyed their hair with multiple color dimensions. Whether you have highlights, lowlights, or an ombre effect, the fishtail braid beautifully displays these color variations, adding depth and dimension to your hairstyle.

To create a fishtail braid, begin by dividing your hair into two sections and then alternately crossing small sections of hair from each side over to the opposite side until you reach the end of your hair. Secure it with an elastic band, and you’ll have a captivating fishtail braid that’s perfect for enhancing your ponytail, whether for everyday wear or special occasions.

09. Messy ponytail

Messy ponytail

The key to this laid-back and carefree look is its simplicity. Rather than meticulously securing every strand, you allow your hair to find its natural flow. Here’s how to nail this relaxed hairstyle:

  • Gather Your Hair: Start by gently gathering your hair at the back or top of your head. There’s no need for a tight grip; instead, maintain a loose and comfortable hold.
  • Leave Some Strands Free: As you secure your hair into a ponytail or bun, intentionally leave some strands free. These unruly strands will add a touch of spontaneity and enhance the overall undone aesthetic.
  • Tousle It Up: To take it a step further, delicately pull out a few more strands from the ponytail or bun. This action adds to the tousled and relaxed appearance, giving your hairstyle an even more effortless vibe.

The beauty of this look lies in its adaptability. Whether you’re headed to a casual outing or a laid-back evening gathering, this relaxed hairstyle complements a wide range of occasions. It’s all about celebrating the natural beauty of your hair and embracing a carefree, undone style that exudes effortless charm.

Bottom Line

In the world of hairstyling, ponytails are a timeless favorite that can be effortlessly adapted to suit every hair type and occasion. Whether you have sleek straight locks, luscious curls, or anything in between, there’s a ponytail style that can enhance your look. From the classic high ponytail to creative twists like the pull-through braid and the fishtail braid, these easy ponytail hairstyles offer versatility and elegance. With a little creativity and the right techniques, you can elevate your ponytail game and rock these styles with confidence.


Are ponytail hairstyles suitable for formal events?

Yes, ponytail hairstyles can be adapted for formal occasions. For a more elegant look, consider a sleek high ponytail or incorporate braids and accessories to add sophistication to your style.

How can I add volume to my ponytail if I have fine hair?

To add volume, tease your hair at the crown before creating the ponytail. You can also use hair extensions or volumizing products for a fuller look.

What hair accessories work well with ponytail hairstyles?

Ponytail hairstyles can be accessorized with various items, such as hairpins, barrettes, ribbons, and scrunchies. Choose accessories that match the occasion and your personal style.

Are ponytails damaging to hair?

Ponytails are generally safe when done correctly. Avoid making your ponytail too tight, and use hair-friendly elastic bands to prevent excessive stress on your hair. Additionally, switch up the placement of your ponytail to reduce strain on specific areas of your hair.

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